LandSure Systems’ operations team is technologically-driven, yet diverse - extending across several business areas from the team overseeing ParcelMap BC to technology operations to customer support.

Operational Work

Technology Operations

As a technology-driven organization, a core process of its operations is dedicated to actively managing the health, performance and support of the organization’s IT infrastructure. From software and systems, to database administration, data security, and testing, this area is critical to LandSure Systems and the LTSA’s overall performance.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Work is currently underway in the development of ParcelMap BC, a single, complete, trusted and sustainable electronic map of active titled parcels and surveyed provincial Crown land parcels in BC. ParcelMap BC will form the backbone of BC’s land information infrastructure, and is being launched incrementally by region, with all regions expected to be completed in mid-2017. 

ParcelMap BC is the current, complete and trusted visual representation of titled and Crown land parcels across all of British Columbia. ParcelMap BC forms the backbone of BC’s land information infrastructure, was launched with all regions in mid-2017.

Customer Support

LandSure Systems operates myLTSA, a customer portal hosting the LTSA’s Electronic Services. myLTSA offers customers a consolidated access point to the LTSA’s transactional services, including account management, payment and billing functions.

The myLTSA Technical Support team delivers telephone and online resolution of myLTSA customer support issues, customer training, and also provides support for internal software testing.


Financial transactions as a result of customer activity via the myLTSA customer portal are managed by LandSure System’s Finance team. Primarily, this area is focused on customer deposit account management services, financial reporting, and making recommendations related to myLTSA improvements.

Communications and User Experience

LandSure System’s communications and customer experience functions are integrated in an effort to support the LTSA’s commitment to customer responsiveness. As the direct line between stakeholders and the activities of the LTSA, this business area is centred on distribution of timely, relevant information to customers, provision of consultation services to improve the user experience, and production of key statutory documents, such as the LTSA’s Business Plan and Annual Report.