LandSure Systems’ operations support a variety of key projects, which are critical to maintaining and building upon the LTSA’s secure and reliable land title and survey systems.

Project Work

ParcelMap BC

Stakeholder demand for an easy, efficient means of accessing complete land title and survey information using an electronic map of surveyed parcels in BC has been growing as use of geographically-based information becomes commonplace.

Information related to land and its use is a critical underlying component of BC’s economy, and intuitive map-based access to this information will provide efficiencies for government and private industry, and add value to the general public.

In collaboration with the LTSA, LandSure Systems and its partners are developing ParcelMap BC, creating a single, complete, trusted and sustainable electronic map of active titled parcels and surveyed provincial Crown land parcels in BC. The resulting framework forms a complete visual portrayal of parcels connected with information in the land title register and Crown land registry.

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LandSure Systems operates a customer portal integrated with associated business and customer services to support the LTSA’s Electronic Search and Filing services. The portal, known as myLTSA, offers customers a consolidated access point to the LTSA’s transactional services as well as customer support.

In winter 2014, myLTSA was launched, and the portal became fully operational in May 2014. As of January 2016, there are over 21,500 customers, representing 14,500 users on myLTSA Enterprise and another 7,000 users on myLTSA Explorer. As a result of ongoing customer consultation, 2015 saw a targeted renewal of the online services used to request land title records on myLTSA Enterprise. More new and enhanced services are planned for 2016 and beyond.

LandSure System’s myLTSA Technical Support team provides telephone and online support to myLTSA customers, including assistance with account management and Electronic Filing and Search services technical inquiries.

Project Archive: Business Modernization

From 2009 to 2012, LandSure Systems supported the LTSA in transforming its service delivery to a sustainable model that provides customers with consistency and reliability of information enabled by modern technology, as well as integrated processes and expert staff. The goals of Business Modernization were to improve customer service, productivity, service quality, and systems.

Most significant to this initiative was the redevelopment of the LTSA’s core land title registration system - a key milestone for the project. By unifying financial processes, online systems, and service delivery, Business Modernization greatly increased internal efficiency. This result of Business Modernization has been the successful transformation of the LTSA’s core business processes and systems.

Such transformation is evident in that about 95 percent of land title document registrations and almost 100 percent of land title plans are currently submitted electronically. In addition, as a result of Business Modernization, the LTSA introduced automated examination of common electronic land title applications to improve the speed and efficiency of processing at the land title office. The rate of automated examination is now approximately half of all submitted applications.

Throughout Business Modernization, technology and people change were tightly integrated. As new technology solutions were rolled out, keen attention was paid to engaging employees and customers. LandSure Systems engaged in customer consultation via targeted task forces and other activities to solicit feedback through testing and usability studies.